Programmer, traveller, lazy runner.


I'm a software architect and developer. I've worked all around Europe and the Middle East, as a freelancer or as an employee, with companies like SeeBeyond, Sun Microsystems, Alfresco, Sourcesense and AKQA.

My main areas of interest are around distributed systems, integration architecture, software design patterns and operations automation.

Building software is, above all, about working with people. On this regard, I believe trust, respect and open communication are way more important than any technology.

I recently co-founded a company. We have a strict no-assholes policy there.

You can know a bit more about me looking at my LinkedIn profile and GitHub repository.

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Maven Book

Instant Apache Maven Starter

Get started with the fundamentals of developing Java projects with Apache Maven.

Packt Publishing - ISBN 139781782167600 - eBook only (62 pages).

"Instant Apache Maven Starter is great for Java developers new to Apache Maven, but also for experts looking for immediate information. Moreover, only 20% of the necessary information about Maven is used in 80% of the activities. This book aims to focus on the most important information, those pragmatic parts you actually use on a daily basis."

Visualisation of Geographic Information in a Dynamic 3-Dimensional Environment

Joint Research Centre, Space Applications Institute Environment and Geo-Information Unit, TP 262, 21020 Ispra(VA), Italy. June 13, 2001

"For an efficient exploration of integrated remote sensing and GIS datasets of high dimensionality, virtual reality technology is likely to offer much promise in the future and is likely to become indispensable alongside developments in 3-dimensional visualisation techniques. The aim of this study was to investigate how new and emerging technologies may be used to provide improved visualisation of geographic data and new distributed services and systems."

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